Warra Goes to War

Warra sent her share of sons to the Boer War along with many horses. Colonial troops were valued for their ability to shoot and ride.
More than one hundred Warra men and women volunteered to fight in World War I – serving at Gallipoli, France, Egypt and other theatres of war. Of the thousands of horses that went overseas in the Great War, only one returned home to Australian shores.
A Red Cross group was organised in Warra, to raise funds and to supply the men and women with some of the comforts of home.
As each serviceman and servicewoman returned to Warra, either because of wounds or demobilisation, the school children marched with the whole town to the accompaniment of the Warra town band to the railway station to welcome them.
Warra enlistees went to serve their country during WWII, in Korea, and some also saw action in the Vietnam War.
Our pictorial shows some 80 or so servicemen and women – a representative sample only – all of whom had a connection to the Warra district. 
For more information please visit the Australian War Memorial
Major Shane McNamara at the Warra War Memorial on Anzac Day - 25 April 2019

Warra Anzacs

There are 134 inscriptions on the WWI Honour Board at Warra … their names are listed below:

Sister J. O’Neill
Sister H. J. Gill
Adams, T. E.
Alexander, J. F.
Alexander, W.
Allan, P.
Armstrong, G.
Armstrong, J. (Killed)
Banner, A.
Banner, E.
Barling, A. H.
Beahan, L. (Cpl)
Beckett, E.
Bell, T. H. (Killed)
Bennett, H. I.
Bidstrup, A.
Billet, A.
Billet, L.
Billington, G.
Bradley, H.
Bracken, K. R.
Buchanan, J.
Buchanan, R.
Cain, G.
Cantrell, V.
Carnie, A.
Clarke, B.
Clarke, C.
Clarke, W. T.
Clifton, R. (2nd Lt) (Killed)
Cook, T.
Croucher, A.
Dobson, F.
Dolly, P. F.
Dowey, S.
Dowey, G. B.
Dwyer, T.
Fahey, J. (Cpl) (Killed)
Fahey, L. J.
Fieldman, J. (Killed)
Fitzpatrick, J.
Fowler, F.
Fowler, J. C.
Francis, H. (Killed)
Gadd, B. S.
Gadd, S. B. (Cpl) (Killed)
Gamble, J. C.
Gay, S. E.
Gibbs, G. (Killed)
Goodspeed, W.
Gordon, R. E.
Gormley, P.
Graham, A.
Graham, D. J. (Killed)
Graham, J.
Graham, J. J.
Graham, P. A.
Games, R. S.
Greaves, H.
Green, A.
Green, J. (Lce Cpl)
Gregg, R.
Greer, H. (Sgt DCM)
Hall, E. J. (Killed)
Hall, P.
Hall, R. L.
Ham, T. W.
Hart, C.
Hawkins, H. M.
Herbert, T. E.
Hickey, G.
Hunt, J.
Hunt, H. (Killed)
Johnson, J.
Jones, E. (Capt)
Kush, A.
Lawson, G. H.
Lawson, H.
Lewis, T.
Little, T. R. (Lt MC MM)
Love, J.
Maben, E.
Maben, H. A. (Killed)
Maddock, E.
Maddock, J. (2nd Lt MM) (Killed)
Martin, W.
Mather, A.
Mather, A.
Mather, W. (Lt)
Maurer, E. O. (Killed)
McIntyre, R.
McMahon, C.
McMahon, L.
McHaffie, D.
Meckaroff, G.
Merritt, C.
Moore, J.
Moore, N.
Mortimer, A. (MM)
Mortimer, J.
Mortimer, W.
Muir, W.
Murray, J. C.
Neeve, R. J.
Patterson, C.
Peake, W. J.
Pike, G.
Pope, A.
Power, J.
Quinn, G.
Range, J.
Range, O.
Range, R. H.
Revelle, W.
Revill, W. J.
Robey, J. (Cpl)
Rose, J.
Schloss, R. C.
Sellars, R. C. (2nd Lt) (Killed)
Sillars, D.
Simpson, J. (Killed)
Stark, H. (QM Sgt) (Killed)
Stevenson, E. L. (Killed)
Thompson, A.
Tosh, G.
Tosh, J.
Turnbull R.
Valler, F.
Warner, J. N.
Widdon, A. E. (Killed)
Woods, C.
Woods, H. A.
Woodyatt, P. (Lt) (Killed)
Worgan, J. W.

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