Birding at Warra and District

Birding enthusiasts, be they experienced or novice, will encounter a wide selection of subjects to add to their life list while in the Warra district.   In good seasons, numerous species could be expected to be seen in this area.   Why not spend a few days exploring their habitat?     

The range of soil types in the Warra region produce a variety of vegetation that lends itself to an eclectic array of birds.  There is so much diversity in the country to be explored along quiet back roads where you’ll see open grassland; farm dams; cultivated paddocks; Wilga; Belah; Brigalow; Ironbark; Acacia; Eucalypt; Softwood and Pine scrub. 

In the shade of River Red gum, Coolibah and Poplar box trees, walk the banks of the Condamine River and Cooranga Creek.

These areas host a treasure trove of bird life including:- the common resident Yellow-billed and Royal Spoonbill; Whistling Kite;  Darter; Cormorant; Pelican; Swan; Egret; Heron; Plover; Black-winged Stilt  and, sometimes, White-breasted Sea Eagle, Brolga and Black-necked Stork.  If you’re lucky, you may be privileged to see one or more of the amazing migratory waders, some of which in our summer, make incredible journeys from distant lands, including Siberia and Alaska.

When the Condamine River flows, the Warra weir is a good birding area.      

Along with the usual recognisable birds, there are many more elusive species in the area including, to name a few:-  White-winged Triller; Ground Cuckoo-shrike; Striated Pardalote; Golden-headed Cisticola; Dollarbird; Pacific Baza and Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo.  Witness the graceful soaring of Australia’s largest raptor, the Wedge-tailed Eagle, or, to the other extreme, sight Australia’s tiniest bird, the delightful Weebill.

A slow drive on back roads will reward you with sightings of Pipit, Parrot, Wren, Thornbill, Bustard, Pardalote, Fantail, Robin, Flycatcher and family groups of the highly gregarious White-winged Chough, Apostlebird and Grey-crowned Babbler.

During the summer months between Warra and Jandowae, look for the elusive Painted Honeyeater feasting on mistletoe.   Should you spot a raptor hovering over an open area; it will be either a Nankeen Kestrel or a Black–shouldered Kite.  Both hover and drop onto their prey feet first.  Another raptor is the Spotted Harrier often seen gliding over cropping and grass paddocks.   Listen for the unique varied linguistic capabilities of a Pheasant Coucal. One of its many calls resembles the mellow gurgle of thick cream poured from a bottle, “Glooc, glooc, glooc, glooc!”  Unforgettable!

There are so many interesting birds each with their own story and personality just waiting to give you the pleasure of observing.  If you haven’t already purchased a good pair of binoculars, now is the time! While you’re at it, procure a birding field guide.  Take that slow drive and the opportunity to really look at our wonderful natural world’s botany, animals, insects and birds.  

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