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Leichhardt camped on the Cooranga Creek at Warra on the 4th October 1844.  Europeans settled here and by the 1850’s the area was known as Warra Warra.

When the Western Railway Line was officially opened in 1877, the township which had been established beside the railway track was called Warra, and that is the name the town and district has had ever since.

The Government owned Coal Mine started its operations west of Warra in 1915, and the town prospered following its establishment. Although, problems soon began with water management issues of flooding in the mine shaft. Very little revenue was obtained over the three or so years that the mine was State run, and due to escalating costs, the decision was made to close the mine in 1919.

Farming has continued to be the mainstay of the district since the 1920’s. The area is known for its grain, cotton, beef, mining and gas industries and boasts a diverse population with modern agricultural practices amid a proudly preserved heritage.

Dr Tony J Brady was commissioned to conduct a Significance Assessment of the Warra historical precinct in 2021. Many places of significance were identified and our Society will endeavour to share the results of this research going forward.

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